While headlines and news stories everywhere are being circulated about the new Ford Bronco, it's unlikely that Jeep manufacturers are very concerned. While the new Bronco is claiming to be the next top-of-its-class rugged multipurpose SUV, The Jeep Wrangler has consistently outperformed its competition. Based on the information that has come out so far about the Bronco's capabilities, it doesn't look like the Wrangler's reputation is going to change.

Performance Comparison

While the Bronco has had extra time to come up with a drivetrain that can rival the Wrangler's, the extra time has only amounted to a standard engine option that offers the same 270 horsepower that the Wrangler is capable of putting out. The Bronco also only offers two engine types, and neither of them is diesel options - the Wrangler does, meaning there's still only one option for Mayfield Heights diesel enthusiasts between the two.

Drivability Comparison

While the Bronco offers slightly more torque on paper (an extra 15 lb-ft), we're skeptical that this will make a big enough difference when it comes to the Wrangler's superb handling and drivability. This is especially important because Ford has yet to release the Bronco's curb-weight stats - if the overall machine is heavier, those extra stats won't make any difference in drivability anyway.

Until the Bronco is tested thoroughly on the road, paper stats are hard to go by. While Ford is claiming that it has a better suspension and more advanced drive modes available than any direct competition, until we see the vehicle in option, we can only take their word for it. Until then, we think the Wrangler is still the go-to rugged SUV for our Painesville and Willoughby drivers.

Design Comparison

Right off the bat, the new Bronco just doesn't quite look the part of a rugged off-roading vehicle. With a smooth futuristic look, it gives a commuter vehicle or compact SUV built for zipping around cities in the Cleveland area. There's no real competing with the Jeep's iconic grille and headlamp combo, which is cemented in the American mindset as the look of a vehicle that's as versatile as it is reliable.

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