What are the Most Important Maintenance Practices to Keep a Car Running?

Cars don't perform as well under extreme weather conditions. That's right - the sweltering heat of summer and the extreme cold of winter in Mayfield Heights can adversely affect the performance of your car. There are five easy preventative maintenance actions you can carry out before those temperatures dramatically drop to help keep your car in tip-top shape during extreme winter weather.

Winter Car Care Tips


First, check your battery. Batteries are more likely to malfunction and prevent your car from cranking during extreme heat or cold temps in Mentor. In fact, a battery possesses only about fifty percent of its cranking power at a temp of zero degrees as opposed to its ability to crank at eighty degrees.

Ensure your battery's health by checking the fluid level; do this by removing the plastic caps on top of the battery and observing the fluid present. Add distilled water to low-fluid batteries. Replace a battery that is more than five years old, especially if it starts to show any weakness in more balmy temperatures.

Wiper Blades

Second, replace your wiper blades. Even if you are able to keep your car in a covered garage at your home in Cleveland, you will undoubtedly need your wiper blades at some point during the winter. Experts recommend that you replace wiper blades every six months. So, if you replace them every June and December, you will ensure you always have "good" wiper blades on your car during extreme weather.

Use Ice Scraper

Third, clear the windows on frosty mornings using an ice scraper rather than your wiper blades. If you are not able to store the car under a covered structure, then leave your wipers in a raised position so that you can remove said ice easily. Finally, ensure that you have plenty of wiper fluid in your reservoir.

Oil & Filter Change

Next, be sure your oil is at the recommended level and that it is clean. Motor oil tends to thicken in cooler temperatures, so "old" or dirty oil (already thicker than newer, clean oil) will not circulate through your engine properly. Replace the oil filter at the beginning of winter in Chardon as well.


Finally, check the health of your tires. Be sure that they are inflated to the proper pressure (check your owner's manual for this number). If the tread is becoming worn, consider at least replacing the front tires. You may also rotate the rear tires to the front, especially on front-wheel-drive cars, as the front tires tend to wear more quickly.

Schedule a Service Appointment Online

As in most instances, when it comes to protecting your car during the winter, a little prevention goes a long way. Perform maintenance to keep your car in top running shape this winter on the roads in Willoughby. To schedule a service appointment at our Ganley Village dealership, please call, click, or visit us in person today at our facility in Painesville!

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